AIS Family,

I am Mary Gries, Family Engagement Coordinator here at AIS First Avenue. I count is as an honor and privilege to be a part of the AIS family!

Family and community involvement in our schools is most important to the student’s success in school and in life. And when there is a great level of involvement, we can pretty much expect students to have higher grades, good attendance, increased motivation and self-esteem, and decreased discipline problems, to name a few. And it is my duty as Engagement Coordinator to help make this happen.

I’m excited to see the support thus far from everyone that has come through our doors, sat at the table with us, and helped develop innovative and creative ways that will open the door to some wonderful opportunities for our students to build upon as they make their journey to educational excellence and future success.

I welcome all to drop by anytime to visit the family room and see what we’re up to, here at AIS First.