Passes & Pass Expectations

Students may obtain hallway passes to use the restroom, and access the nurse or office staff. Students may not congregate in office areas or hallways to wait for staff or peers.
Students have five minutes between classes. They should use the restroom, check in with other teachers, and conduct personal business during passing periods. Students may only enter their own assigned classrooms. Students are to avoid entering any unassigned classroom without express staff permission in order to avoid disciplinary consequences.

Hall Passes
Students with a hall pass should not be gone from the classroom for more than four minutes – the length of time of a passing period. There are NO PASSES during the first ten minutes and last ten minutes of class. Students will not receive passes at any time to visit students in other classes or to pick up work from other classroom teachers during class. If students abuse passes or leave class without a pass, they may receive disciplinary action from the office or be assigned to an escort protocol requiring a staff escort to move through the school day.

Nurse Passes
HCPHS is fortunate to have a nurse on staff to assist students during the majority of the school day. Because the nurse’s time is limited, passes to the nurse during class time should only be requested for true medical issues (ie: life-threatening, major documented medical condition). Misuse of time with nurse or supplies may be referred to the administration. Students are not allowed to go to the Nurse’s office during passing periods unless it is a true emergency. Please receive a pass from your teacher before heading to the nurse’s office otherwise.

Office Passes
If a student needs to see someone in the office, they should fill out the electronic Office Staff request between classes or ask the classroom teacher to send a request online. The student will be called out of class when that office staff becomes available.

Smart Pass
In November 2022, we began using a digital tool known as SmartPass as an alternative to traditional paper hall passes. Students now receive digital hall passes when they need to leave the classroom for any reason, including bathroom breaks, getting water from the fountain, and speaking to staff members. This means students no longer have to keep up with paper passes. Additionally, SmartPass allows staff to better monitor students’ locations, ensuring their safety and reducing the amount of time spent out of class.”

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