Personal Electronics

Personal electronic devices, including but not limited to phones, earbuds, headphones, tablets, and personal computers. Students are required to keep their phones put away at all times during class time. Students can use the classroom pouches, or use a personal pouch, purse, or pocket. If students’ phones are seen after the start of class time, teachers may request the students’ phone be turned over to the teacher, or students may be sent to the front office to turn it in there.

Students can turn in their phones to their teachers at the start of class for PBIS points that they can use to buy candy, snacks, or spirit wear off the Hawk Cart. Teachers will hold on to the students’ phones for the duration of the period, and return it at dismissal.

Students may not charge their phones or other personal electronics in any manner at school (ie: wall socket, cart, through school electronic connection, etc.).

If listening to a device during breakfast or lunch, earbuds or headphones must be used. External speakers may not be used. All devices must be turned off and put away in the hallway and in classrooms. Use of devices is only allowed during lunch and breakfast. Students are responsible for securing their personal devices at school. The EVSC and HCPHS do not accept responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged devices. Searches will NOT be conducted for missing personal items.

phone policy
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