Food & Beverages

Food and Beverages
Students may not consume food or beverages other than water* in the hallways and classrooms. If students receive food or drink from staff in the classroom, they must finish it in the classroom or dispose of the remainder before exiting the classroom. Snack items from The Hawk’s Cart, should not be consumed outside of the homeroom or cafeteria / lunch area. Students who chronically leave a mess with these items may be denied the privilege to purchase these extra items at school. Students will be asked to dispose of any food or drinks which do not meet these guidelines - without reimbursement.

Students may bring UNOPENED, SEALED food or drinks to school for their personal consumption at breakfast or lunch only. Because of food guidelines and health concerns, these personal food items may NOT be shared with others. All personal food or beverage items must be finished in the cafeteria/assigned class area. All remaining food or beverage other than water must be disposed of once the breakfast or lunch period is over. Glass containers should be avoided.

*Students are encouraged to carry clear water in a clear, closed container or a cup that has been provided by staff throughout the day.  

Student Personal Food Deliveries -
In accordance with EVSC School Board Policy, we strive to provide a healthy environment for our students by eliminating the presence of fast food around our students during the school day. If a parent brings restaurant food for his or her student, the student will be asked to eat the food in a designated area away from the cafeteria / assigned class area. Parents may only drop off food for their own child. Students may NOT order food or deliveries to be delivered to the school nor have these items delivered by a family member or friend.    
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