Dress Code

All students present on Friday’s can wear Hawk Dress instead of the normal dress code. Students can also be awarded Hawk Dress passes to be used on days other than Friday for good attendance, participating in school events, and more! If students are using a Hawk Dress pass, they must carry their signed pass with them all day to show to their teachers. Hawk Dress Passes may not be re-used and may have a specific date of use.
dress code

Items/Apparel that distract from learning: May NOT be worn. Examples include insulting, profane, drug-related, sexual or violent words or images, Confederate flags, gang-affiliated items, or anything otherwise deemed inappropriate by school administration will result in a dress code violation.

Violation of Dress Code - Students are expected to be in dress code when they arrive at school and should remain in dress code throughout the school day. Students out of dress code will be sent to the office and offered a change of clothes if any are available, or will have to call home for more clothes. If a student refuses to change, the student will be given a referral and assigned to AEA. Should a student refuse AEA, the student will be suspended out of school for the day. Students who change into dress code, but change back out of code during the school day, will receive a referral for dress code defiance and will face disciplinary consequences. Repeated dress code infractions will also result in out of school suspension.

Dress Code for HAWK Dress
Hawk Dress is a privilege students may earn by having perfect weekly attendance, completing their daily assignments, and being on time to class at designated times of day; as well as, other opportunities approved by administration throughout the school year. Students must be able to show a signed Hawk Dress Pass that is valid for the day that they are using it. Lost passes will NOT be re-written. Hawk Dress Passes may not be re-used and may have a specific date of use.

HAWK Dress is NOT free dress. If an item is not listed here, check with the office for approval first. School administration has the final say on dress code issues.

hawks dress code

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