Better Together

better togetherIn 2022, the EVSC Foundation and Public Education Foundation (PEF) came together to use our collective expertise and resources to have a more profound impact on public education in Evansville. The EVSC Foundation and Public Education Foundation of Evansville have served EVSC, students, educators, families, donors, and the public education community for nearly 40 years. The collective board of directors recognized the value of the organizations’ combined expertise, resources, and complementary capabilities. Bringing together the two foundations has enabled us to do and be more effective for our constituents and the community.

Honoring the Legacy
Both foundations have served EVSC, students, educators, families, donors, and the public education community for years, and look forward to continuing this together. PEF was a public education pillar in Evansville for over 36 years and a leader in student-centered programs like the Summer Musical, House Project, and Technology Showcase, as well as educator grants. The EVSC Foundation was established in 2008 to support Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation students and educators. It has grown to fund a variety of initiatives like educator innovation grants, whole child student development programs, school assistance funds, and Hangers, a clothing resource for EVSC students, and Teacher Locker, a classroom supplies resources.

This was a coming together of two outstanding organizations committed to helping students reach their fullest potential, supporting educators, and strengthening our schools.

Maintaining Donor Relationships
The support of our generous donors throughout the years allowed both foundations to make a significant impact on education in Evansville. We look forward to carrying our existing donor relationships and developing new ones. If you contribute to a specific program or designate donations toward a particular grant or scholarship, we will continue to honor these requests as we have in the past.

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