location markerStudents will not be allowed to enter the school building until 7:20 AM. They will report directly to their first period class (after leaving/retrieving any necessary items from their locker) and will be supervised by their classroom teacher. The school day will begin at 7:30 AM.

Arrival: Harwood will use entry door #14 off Myer Avenue for beginning of day drop off and end of day pick up. Student on-property parking is available but limited. Students should park in spots 1-12 facing the Myer Avenue side. Door #14 will be closed after the first bell at 7:30am. Late students will need to arrive through the main entrance (door #1).

Dismissal: All students will exit door #1 at the end of the day (main entrance). Car Rider Dismissal: Students will be staged as far apart as possible during car rider dismissal. Car rider vehicles should form a pick up line in the parking lot by door 13 (near the gym) to avoid the bus pick-up line. All drivers and passengers should remain inside the vehicle at all times while waiting for their student to arrive at the car. Car rider dismissal may be slightly delayed in order to manage socially distanced foot traffic.

During school hours, parents needing to drop off students, student items, or to pick up students for appointments should use door #1. Parents will be buzzed into the front office. Parents will need to present ID if attempting to sign out their student.
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