attendanceOur students’ day begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m. Students will be admitted to the building at 7:20 a.m. when there is staff available to supervise. We cannot accept responsibility for students who arrive at school before 7:20 a.m. The most effective and easiest way to promote student academic success is to attend school daily, participate in classroom discussions and complete daily assignments. Absence from school is often the single greatest cause of poor academic performance and achievement. The responsibility for a student being present on time at school rests upon the student and his/her/their parent or guardian.

As part of a waiver eligibility, students must possess a 95% attendance history throughout their high school career. (Refer to "waiver" under graduation requirements.) Students must not miss more than nine (9) unexcused days of school per semester or their opportunity to earn a waiver will be jeopardized. Students should NOT come to school when they are legitimately ill and possibly contagious. If a student needs to be absent or tardy for legitimate reasons, a parent or guardian MUST contact the office in order to have the absence excused. A doctor’s note or other legal notice is required in order to comply with Indiana State law.

An unexcused absence is recorded for every three incidents of late to school. Students who reach 10 unexcused absences may face court action. Students who have unsatisfactory attendance may be reported to their probation officer or Social Security case manager. This may cause additional consequences with those agencies.

Students who are 18 years of age or older are expected to remain in school for all scheduled classes. Students may sign themselves out of school for excused reasons, such as medical or legal appointments. Students who need to leave school early should exit their class quietly and go directly to the office to sign out, without making any stops other than to their locker. Once they sign out they must immediately exit through the front door. If they are leaving for an unexcused reason, they must exit school property immediately. Students who sign out without documentation will have unexcused absences resulting from signing out counted against them. This may result in ineligibility for a graduation waiver. A student who is 18 or older who leaves school property may NOT return for the remainder of the day without a legal note (doctor’s note, etc.) and may be charged with trespass if he or she returns. Students who are 18 or older who return to school without a legal note will also be responsible for their own transportation home and may not ride the bus. If students leave without checking out in the office, there may be disciplinary consequences.

Students under the age of 18 may not sign themselves out of school and may only be signed out of school by a legal parent or guardian. Anyone who picks a student up from HCPHS must show valid ID. If the person picking up the student is not a parent or guardian, parent permission must be obtained. We appreciate guardians getting this to us in advance of the pick-up time if possible. Students are encouraged to be on time to school and to class.

Students with partial day schedules are expected to sign-in at the office if they are arriving after school starts. They are also expected to sign-out at the office as soon as their last class is over, and leave the building immediately for the day. Once signed out, students may NOT return onto the property that school day.

Reporting Absences - SafeArrival
SafeArrival is an absence reporting system that will make it quicker and easier for families to report both a full day or partial day absence. Parents/guardians can call in an absence, go online or use an App. SafeArrival is part of our SchoolMessenger system we already use for parent calls, email and text messages. 

Parents and guardians can report absences:
• Call: 844-434-0079 or call your school & press 1
• Online at
• Mobile App: Download the SchoolMessenger app”

For more information about SafeArrival, click here
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